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Athletes In The Arts

This blog post is dedicated to all those in the performing arts, specifically those who spend their time and talent dancing. Whether it is ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, lyrical or hip hop, dance is quickly taking over the world one tv show at a time. I, myself, spent 15 years of my life dancing competitively and have spent the last 3 years of my life teaching the art as well.

Dance is an incredibly strenuous art form. Now days, dancers can burn thousands of calories in one setting, depending on the level of training and style they are exercising. In opposition to this fact, dance is also an incredibly aesthetic art form with a huge emphasis placed on the dancer’s physical appearance, namely weight. With competition for the spotlight becoming more and more fierce, disordered eating and eating disorders are on the rise in this population of athletes. If only they knew they are doing their body more harm than good!

That is why I also aim to serve my fellow athletes in the arts with individual and group setting nutritional counseling. It is SO important for these individuals to know how to fuel their bodies appropriately for the training they endure. Not only to optimize energy output, but to safeguard against injuries and provide for a safe and healthy career.

In compliance with Restorative Health’s moto of “All Foods Fit,” I believe there are no off limits foods when it comes to fueling your body for exercise, but I do believe that timing is of utmost importance. Here are a few simple guidelines not only for dancers, but for all athletes hitting the field of their choice:

Pre Exercise:

· Buddy system (carbohydrate + protein): heavier on the carbohydrates

o Examples =

o Banana+ 1 TBSP nut butter

o ½ PBJ sanwich

o Trail mix (dried fruit and nuts)

· Make sure carbohydrate content is easy to digest (aka low fiber)

Post Exercise:

· Buddy system (carbohydrate + protein): heavier on the protein

o Examples =

o Cheese stick, apple

o Greek yogurt

o Chocolate milk

Contact me for a more individualized plan and insight into how to fuel your unique body appropriately!


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